Week Off to a Great Start

I woke up late this morning, got ready, and then took the bus downtown. I got off earlier than I usually do so I could go to the post office and mail a package and some letters. Forgot it was Veteran’s Day, so of course the post office was closed. I came out of the post office to see my bus going by. It is particularly cold, wet, and nasty today, so the walk up to my next bus stop was unpleasant. The stop happens to be right in front of the big food court in the building that houses a Borders. I moved inside to warm up a bit and keep an eye out for another bus that’d get me up to Queen Anne. The food court is always empty this time of morning because the places there are not geared for breakfast. There’s one other guy standing with me, looking out the window. We’re there for maybe two minutes when a rent-a-cop approaches and tells us that “building policy” is that the food court is only for patrons. If we’re just waiting for a bus, we’ll have to wait outside. Oh, and did I mention the city just recently ripped out all the bus shelters at that stop? I ask the guy if he’s serious and he assures me that he is. I am tempted to tell him that my policy is that cold and wet people should take advantage of big empty spaces that are warm and dry, but I see the #3 coming up the street so I let it go. This week is off a great start.

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