Today’s Pirate Word

At Flying Lab the marketing folk asked the writing team to come up with 100 pirate words for some kind of contest SOE is putting together. I said, “Well, we’ve got to go with arsewhistle.” Cory writes up the list and arsewhistle is number 1. He then sends it around for a few people to look at. I’m certain that everyone knows I was joking around and that Cory is just playing along by putting it on the list. Jess then tells me that its very flavorful but he doesn’t think we can use it in the game. He then asks the origins of the term. I said, “Uh, it just popped into my head like an hour ago.” Cory says, “Wait, it’s not real?” Apparently arsewhistle really works as pirate word. Now to convince the world that it was 18th century pirate slang. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to begin using the word arsewhistle as an insult. If anyone asks, tell them that it was a derogatory term for bosuns that later became a general insult amongst pirates. Go forth and have at the arsewhistles!

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