Bits and Pieces

I haven’t been in a blogging mood of late; not sure why. I’ve been to two punk rock shows in the last week and would have gone to a third if not for the damned snow storm on Saturday. Last Friday was Naked Raygun, a band I first saw in 1986 and who I’ve always loved. It was great to see them again. Tuesday was Flogging Molly, another one of those celtic punk bands I enjoy so much. They put on an excellent show and closed with “Seven Deadly Sins,” a perfect song for Pirates of the Burning Sea.

Speaking of PotBS the game launches a month from today for those that buy pre-order boxes, with a public release of January 21. NDAs are no longer in effect so I can talk about the game in more detail if folks are interested. It’s looking pretty great now and all signs are positive for amassing great booty. Yar.

I have been greatly enjoy Rudy Giuliani’s “Sex on the City” scandal. It perfectly exemplifies why that scumbag shouldn’t be in charge of anything, never mind be allowed near the White House. He was a shitty mayor of New York and you can take that from someone who lived through his administration. Hero of 9/11 my ass.

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