Life on the Street

Kate, Nik, and I exchanged our Xmas gifts today, so we might enjoy them over the weekend rather than get them right before we go back to work. The coolest thing I got was the Complete Series boxed set of Homicide: Life on the Street. Based an excellent book by David Simon, Homicide was one of the best shows to ever grace network TV. I had put this set on my Amazon wish list a couple of years back but because of the price I didn’t expect to ever see it. Well, my crafty wife found a crazy good deal on it and now it is mine.

The set contains all seven seasons of the show, plus the three crossover episodes of Law and Order and the epilogue movie. Even the box, a little filing cabinet complete with a metal handle and dividers for the discs, is damn cool. Today we watched the first disc and the show definitely holds up. Great characters, acting, and writing, and many of these early cases come right from the book.

David Simon went on to create the Wire, which operates in similar territory. As it happens the final season of the Wire starts in just a couple of weeks and I can’t wait. The Wire really benefits from being on HBO because it can be even more gritty than Homicide. If its last season can live up to the previous four, the Wire may stand as the best drama of the modern era.

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