A Little Down Time

I had some vague thoughts of starting a new design project or maybe getting back to the comic book idea I’ve been developing, but for the most part I’ve just been chilling out at home with the family and relaxing. I could do this for weeks but have to settle for two more days. I’ve been reading, watching DVDs, gluing minis, and sleeping. Yeah, the good stuff.

Last night we went to see National Treasure: Book of Secrets in Columbia City. Now you would think that a movie with Ed Harris, Jon Voight, Harvey Keitel, and Helen frickin’ Mirren would have something going for it, but oh no. This was a complete pile of shit. It’s really too bad as the premise of a team of treasure hunters solving historical is fun, but this script is a disaster. In the end it just makes no sense of all and the writers no idea when to stop throwing logs on the fire.

Today we got a huge surprise when a giant box from Amazon showed up. Inside was Rock Band, which I had tried and failed to get the family for Xmas. It was from Hal and he really scored. Kate and Nik were so happy and we soon had it set up and started our family band, Crimzon Ninja. Kate would not go for Carrion Crawler or the Beacon Hill Mob. It was funny because our discussion about what to name the band was exactly the same as arguments I’ve had to name actual bands.

Tonight we went over to Wolf and Shelly’s for an appetizer and dessert party and it was a good time. I got to chat with a bunch of folks from my WotC days who I do not see all that often. Who better to talk about the recent Hobbit movie news than The History of the Hobbit author John Rateliff? I also had a chance to try absinthe. Wolf brought in the real stuff from Europe and he even had the correct spoon for making it right. It was like a stronger ouzo and had perhaps more anise flavor than I need from my booze. No one went crazy though, more’s the pity. We had such a gathering of Lovecraft aficionados it would have been quite appropriate.

3 thoughts on “A Little Down Time

  1. Happy holidays!

    Good to hear you scored some Rock band. If you’re ever interested in working on a game with some nobody in the great internet sea, just let me know. I’d be honored.

  2. Please, please, please order one of the metal foot pedal covers on Ebay for your bass drum pedal. Our pedal, and EVERYONE we know, broke after 4 sessions of shoeless, light playing. There’s an obvious defect in the design, and the metal plate solves it. We paid maybe $15 for it.

    Just use double stick tape to adhere it; you’ll void your warranty if you screw it in.

    Also, WHEN your strummer stops working, there are directions all over the web on how to fix it yourself, and I’ll have some posted on my site, too. We’ve had to fix ours twice.

    Rock out!

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