Those Were Some Fireworks

We had a pretty mellow New Years last night, which was fine because we were all still shagged out from the cocktail party we had here on Saturday night. After an excellent dinner of beef bourguignon and a bit more Riff Trax (Phantom Menace this time; eyaa), Christine switched the TV over so we could catch the local fireworks. I find it hard to get excited about fireworks displays these days, but I’m glad we caught the broadcast because it was a major and hilarious debacle. About 1 minute into the program, the fireworks just stopped. At first people thought this was part of the show, but it soon became apparent that something was wrong. The crowd began to boo and the talking heads from the local station tried to roll with it. The fireworks started up again and then two minutes later they stopped again. More booing. Finally they restarted but by this time they were hopelessly out of time with the music. The program did finish but it seemed like they just shot everything off as quick as they could. The display had to rhythm or artistry. The whole thing was a disaster and that made it far more memorable than any other New Years firework display I’ve seen.