AP Article on D&D

A couple of weeks ago I was interviewed for an Associated Press article about 4th edition D&D.; The reporter had found me via my blog and he explained to me that this a common technique for journalists these day. Funny. I was little concerned about being quoted correctly, because he was transcribing as we talked instead of recording the conversation. The article is out now and the quotes he used do seem to be what I actually said though, so hooray.


It’s also up in some other places like the Huffington Post, as you’d expect from an AP story. As mainstream media coverage of gaming goes, it’s not bad. Certainly a big step up from the hysterical stuff we used to see in the early 80s.

One thing I ought to point out is that the estimate of the size of the RPG business (and note I was just talking RPGs, not minis, TCGs, boardgames, etc.) that I gave him was an educated guess on my part and I told him so. I based it on what I knew of the D&D; business a few years ago and what I know of sales numbers today, but since most game companies are privately owned and don’t report their sales it’s difficult to know for sure.

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