A Strange Year

After finally getting a chance to watch the King of Kong (which was great, btw), we went to dinner at Voila with Ray and Christine tonight. Towards the end of the meal we were talking about this has been a strange year so far. And it’s true. Not bad, but definitely different than how I thought it would go. I’ve actually had some interesting opportunities pop up lately (more on that if things if work out), but these are things that have come out of the blue. Things that I expected to happen didn’t or did in a different way.

So we’re talking about the weirdness of 2008 when Kate pipes up and says, “Nothing has gone right since the fireworks.” We all laughed because it was sort of true. On New Year’s Eve the big Seattle fireworks display was a total bust. It just went spectacularly wrong and for the first time I actually heard people booing fireworks. That was a bit of an omen about the year to come, but it took the mind of a 12 year old to make the connection.

Tomorrow, things may get even stranger.

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