Back from Vegas

Although GAMA Trade Show goes on for three more days, I am back from Las Vegas. Kate is mature for her age, but not so much so that we’d leave her to fend for herself all week. I had three days in Vegas. Two were spent relaxing with Nicole, who I’ve barely seen this month. Yesterday, as GTS got going, I had a couple of business meetings, helped set up the Green Ronin booth, and caught up with some friends and colleagues. I also got in on Mike Webb’s yearly GTS game of Kremlin and that was good fun, even if my best politburo stooges ended up dead or in Siberia.

I’ll post more later on what Nik and I got up to (short version: eating well). I wish I had been able to stay longer at GTS, as the industry seems to be a strange place at the moment and I’d like to have had more of a chance to catch up with folks and talk things over. We are still awaiting clarity on the whole GSL issue and I’ll be surprised if we hear anything concrete by week’s end. I can tell you that was topic #1 for most RPG publishers I talked to. Interesting times.

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