The Wacky Bus Driver

I have this wacky driver on my first bus of the morning. He’s got this practiced patter that he uses every day. It starts when we get to the International District. He says, “This is the first stop in the Ride Free Area; welcome, ladies and gentleman, to the Twilight Zone.” I’m not sure if that’s a commentary on the International District or the Ride Free Area. As we proceed downtown, he calls the Federal Building “the protestor’s Mecca” and the main branch of the library “the ziggurat of knowledge.” I appreciate the sense of humor, but I think he needs to mix it up a bit. It’s always the same thing.

2 thoughts on “The Wacky Bus Driver

  1. He could always throw in the random “No brakes!” or “Get out of the road, grandma!” or “Time to eat grill, honky!”

  2. I had this same driver this morning on the 14. I found your blog on a Google search for "ziggurat of knowledge." I like how some drivers have fun with the waypoints.

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