Horror Business

Man, this year is just flying by. How can June be approaching already? How can Ropecon and GenCon be right around the corner? How is it was like 50 degrees a couple of days ago and it’s supposed to be 90 tomorrow? The hell.

Without really being conscious of it, I’ve been on a bit of a horror kick lately. It started musically, as I’ve been frequently listening to Danish psychobilly stalwarts the Nekromantix and the Horror Pops. I finally realized what it is about the Nekromantix I find endearing. It’s that their over the top, B-movie lyrics really remind of classic Misfits. I’ve kicked off almost every day at work for the past week with “Gargoyles Over Copenhagen.” The Horror Pops, who share a member with the Nekromantix, also should not be underestimated. “Walk Like a Zombie” is awesome. Their non-conformist anthem “MissFit” is also great. It’s got a ska flavor, which is only fitting when they break into the tune from “Our House” by Madness but sing instead, “My fist–in the middle of your face!”

I also just finished reading the first volume of Fall of Cthulhu, a comic by Boom Studios. It takes your basic Lovecraft storyline and updates it to the modern era. Not groundbreaking by any means (which I guess is par for the course with Lovecraftiana), but enjoyable and has a couple of good twists. I’ve got Jenny Finn: Doom Messiah on deck. This is a new title from Mike “Hellboy” Mignola that takes place in Victorian London and is said to be “reminiscent of Lewis Carroll, H.P. Lovecraft, and Captain Ahab.” Sounds good to me.

2 thoughts on “Horror Business

  1. Man, I was just digging on HorrorPops myself today:

    “Five, six, seven, eight
    She wishes Bret Michaels was her date
    Trying so hard to be old school
    But goddamned Poison was never cool
    I don’t get why anyone would wanna dress up as an 80s whore”


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