Stopping Uwe Boll

So I have this co-worker at Flying Lab named Bert and he detests German director Uwe Boll. As both a movie fan and a gamer, he finds Boll’s film adaptations of computer games to be harmful to both art forms. Several times over the past 18 months I’ve heard Bert go off on rants about Mr. Boll and hilarity always ensued.

A few weeks ago I was reading Defamer and ran across the story of an online petition to make Owe Boll stop making movies. I tried to remember to tell Bert about this petition the next day, as I was sure he’d want to sign it. Turns out Bert was quite familiar with the Stop Uwe Boll petition: he started it! The story of the petition has spread and Bert was interviewed by several media outlets, including the NY Times. Even better, Boll himself responded. He said the petition would need at least a million signatures before he’d take it seriously. Over 275,000 people have signed already.

If you want to end this menace, you can sign the petition here.

Do the right thing.

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