Mini Overload

Lately I’ve been doing a bit of trading over on Bartertown, a website where miniatures gamers sell and swap stuff. Ebay is such a process now, with pictures, sales text, and so on. Bartertown caters to like minded gamers, so I can simply say, “I have a FOW American Rifle Company and I’m looking for British Royal Artillery,” and people know what I’m talking about.

Today I was combing through my collection, trying to assemble my 90s era Warhammer Chaos Dwarfs (the ones with the ridiculously enormous helmets). I haven’t touched them in like 10 years, so I thought I’d see if I could trade them. I found the infantry without a problem, but after that it didn’t go as smoothly. I could not find the Death Rocket or my Bull Centaurs, but I know they must be in my office somewhere.

The trouble is my minis collection long ago got out of hand. At some point, probably four or five moves ago, I labeled most of my boxes with the contents. Over time things have gotten moved around a bit, so the labels aren’t always accurate. Also, I’ve acquired a lot of stuff since then and it’s scattered about. So today I opened a box for a tank and found it stuffed with Heroclix instead, discovered the WWII Chindit minis I had totally forgotten about, and unearthed a box of Battletech minis that date back to my college years. It’s getting harder and harder to find things, which makes me not want to bother looking sometimes. And if I’m not going to use the minis I’ve collected for the past 30 years, why do I have them in the first place?

I think what I need to do is a massive reorganization of my minis. Pull everything out and just start sorting. It would be easiest to do on a big floor, but we don’t have a good area in the house. Kate suggested her school’s gym, which was sweet, but I can only imagine what he principal would say if I asked to use the school’s facilities to sort my toy soldiers. July is shaping up to be a crazy month and then I’ll be gone for half of August, so realistically this can’t happen until September at the earliest. I’m itching to tackle it tomorrow, but I have writing that I need to do instead. Work now, minis later; that always seems to be the way.

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