Cool Stuff, Part 2: GenCon

It wouldn’t be GenCon if I wasn’t stuffing my suitcase full of games come Monday morning. This was actually a pretty light year all in all, as I didn’t have a whole lot of time out of the booth to look around the exhibit hall. One area I totally failed in was miniatures. I usually find something cool at GenCon but this year I only brought home two minis and they were for a friend who couldn’t be there.

3:16, Carnage Amongst the Stars: This is basically an Aliens/Space Hulk RPG. Looks easy to pick up and quick to run, which are plusses.

Battletech Technical Readouts 3039 and 3050: I could swear I used have some old Tech Readouts, but I can’t find them. These are the newest ones from Catalyst.

Cold City: It’s Berlin, 1950 and you are part of a multinational force hunting down the horrors unleashed by the Nazis during WWII. I love the premise and the game reads well, but I would have liked more discussion and examples of the core mechanic.

Dying Earth RPG: Saw this at Troll and Toad for $10 and couldn’t say no. Robin Laws designed this game based on Jack Vance’s classic fantasy series.

España 1936: Bill Bodden showed me this new boardgame and I picked it up on the last day of GenCon. It’s a two player game about the Spanish Civil War by Devir.

Houses of the Blooded: John Wick’s “anti-D&D;” RPG that embraces tragedy in the classical sense.

Inquisitor’s Handbook: TS Luikart gave me this bigass supplement for the Dark Heresy RPG.

Legend of the Burning Sands: I had no idea this was even coming out, so when I heard it was at GenCon I made a point of tracking it down. Basically, it’s an Arabian-themed game tied into the Legend of the Five Rings setting. Al-Qadim fans take note.

Legend of the Five Rings, Third Edition: I never did pick up the latest edition of L5R, so I grabbed that along with LBS. Thank you, jim pinto.

Tour de Lovecraft: Ken Hite writes about many of Lovecraft’s classic stories.

War and Peace: This is an old Avalon Hill boardgame of Napoleononic conflict. I love AH games and make a point of buying them when I can find them for a reasonable price. Someday I’ll find Up Front and then there will be much rejoicing.

The Winter War DVD: Classic film from the early 90s about Finland’s fight against the Soviet Union in 1939 and 1940. How could I pass it up after my recent trip? If you thought Saving Private Ryan was too upbeat, the Winter War is for you.

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