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It’s been a busy week here in Seattle and there’s more to come. Last night Nicole and I caught Mission of Burma at Neumo’s. Long time readers may remember that Burma is one of my favorite bands and I never miss a chance to see them (since for many years I thought I’d never have the chance). This time they were playing the entirety of their classic Vs. album in order and it was a treat. I remember buying Vs. from Rockit Records in MA when I was 16 years old. I remember my dad coming in my room one day and asking me what they were singing on “New Nails.” I said, “The Roman Empire never died; just turned into the Catholic Church.” This seemed to amuse him. Vs. was recently reissued on CD and I may need to replace my long suffering vinyl (there’s been a skip on “Mica” since the day I got it). Last night they did it all, from “Secrets” to “That’s How I Escaped My Certain Fate.” They rounded out the set with a half dozen other songs, including “This Is Not a Photograph” and the rare B-side “OK/No Way”. Considering that I was in a shit mood in the afternoon, the show was most welcome and put a smile on my face.

Tonight I’m having dinner with former Ronin Rob Schwalb, who is town for some meetings at WotC. Then I’m off to see the HorrorPops, a psychobilly band I’ve been trying to see for years now. Well, tonight it is finally happening and I’m looking forward to it. From there it’s right to the airport and then a redeye to NYC, where I’m spending the weekend. My college game group is having a reunion of sorts and we’re getting together at my friend Bill’s place to play RPGs, minis games, and boardgames for three days. I’ll probably be a wreck as a I stumble around Manhattan tomorrow, but I did it this way so I won’t waste all of Friday traveling. Nicole calls NYC my mistress and it’s time for a booty call.

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  1. I saw MoB in 2005 on their UK tour – and they were absolutely amazing. As much as I enjoyed some of their new tracks, the old stuff has something ‘special’ about it, and so I’m more than a little jealous about the current tour. Come back to Blighty, guys – and we’ll try our best to ensure your van doesn’t get robbed this time!

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