Time Flies But Aeroplanes Crash

Weeks have been flying by of late. That’s good for the work week, but it also means weekends go by in a flash.

Friday I was feeling cruddy so I stayed in. Saturday and Sunday were similar: work during the day and then dinner out. Last night we got together with two friends of mine from high school, Elizabeth and Geoff, who I only recently discovered lived in Seattle. I’ve gotten together with them for lunch but we hadn’t done the full family meet up. They had us over to their beautiful house in Magnolia and I introduced them to Nicole and Kate and met their five kids. It’s been really nice to rekindle that friendship and get to know each other again as adults. Tonight we went out to the Saffron Grill with Nicole’s brother and his girlfriend, which was also nice. I could drink that chai endlessly.

Working on the weekend, which I do pretty much every weekend, can be a drag when it’s just administration, scheduling, contracting, and other such bullshit. This weekend I got to spend most of my time doing — gasp — game design. Yeah, the reason I got into this in the first place. I am designing a new RPG and I had a productive couple of days building out the framework and core mechanics. I’m quite pleased with what I’ve done so far. The concepts are coming together quickly, probably because I’ve the last couple of years thinking about what I want from this type of game. I’m afraid I can’t talk about what the game is just yet, but you may seen announcement before Xmas.

And now the weekend is over already. Ah well.

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