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With the status of the d20 logo unclear, I decided to go ahead and create a new brand under which to sell our d20 back catalog. Sparky is working his way through the PDF files, deleting out the d20 logo and its legal language, and subbing in the new 3rd Era logo (nicely designed by Hal). We should be able to put up a couple a week, so in time our whole catalog ought to be available (save for a few titles due to the deals under which they were published). This doesn’t mean we’re going to be doing new D&D; 3.5 material; it’s just a way to ID our existing products.

Some of you may recall that I pondered whether or not to brand our stuff as Pathfinder compatible rather than creating our own brand. I decided that this was the more honest approach. While you’ll certainly be able to use any of the 3rd Era books with Pathfinder, we won’t be spending the time to update them to reflect Pathfinder’s changes to 3.5. I wouldn’t want someone expecting that to be disappointed when they purchased one of our books. 3rd Era seemed a better way to go.

One bonus of this move is that we’re going to start offering these books on Lulu, so folks who want print copies can get them. For titles that have been long out of print (like Book of Fiends), this gives us an easy way to make print copies available again.

There’s a press release about this on GR’s website. You can read it here.

4 thoughts on “3rd Era

  1. I know this is a old post, but I think a remark is interesting for the issue at hand. It’s been decided that d20 is no more for many groups that use and will continue to use and improve things in the OGL based system rules.
    But what problems does it bring? For the is the deadlock of calling the whole SRD as “d20 system” and now that the association between the little logo and name (that are proprietary) and the system (that’s OGL) is made, we’ve to think in damage control. Many publishers used the system for interesting approaches, but they are now forbidden to use the system name.
    There’s a even more deep discussion that involving this that is the enforcing of the license as well, guaranteeing that the new modifications of the system also has a SRD. Here is a point specific to you: when some of the OGL releases of the Green Ronin identified as OGC will see the light of a SRD? But I digress.
    The point is, wouldn’t be interesting to present a new (free) universal logo or emblem that identifies the systems that are published and take advantage of the OGL system? Reeducating them to a new set of visual identities, but this time a more accurate and fair one? I don’t know, maybe even giving the now nameless SRD system a new name.
    Felipe Sentelhas,
    law student and writer of a soon to released game based on the SRD system.

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