If Heroes Were Gamers

The ability to stream Netflix through the X-Box 360 is pretty damn sweet I must say. It’s allowing us to catch up on some serial TV that we missed without renting one disc at a time and we can watch it whenever we like. The last month or so the whole family has been watching Heroes, Season 1. It’s been fun watching it together, particularly with Kate because she still has her sense of wonder. When future Hiro shows up with a katana looking all badass, she was out of her chair squeeing, “That’s so cool!” It was very cute.

Tonight we watched the finale of Season 1, which Kate loved but I felt was a bit unsatisfying. I kept thinking that that the Heroes characters would be better at using their powers if they were gamers. A gamer would figure out how to use power X to solve problem Y, and then do it immediately. How do you defeat Sylar when he has all those powers? Well, if you are Hiro, it couldn’t be easier. Step one: freeze time. Step two: chop off Sylar’s head with a katana. Because if you give gamers the power to break the rules (like, say, stopping time) they will use it. I will grant you that such outcomes would lose a little something in the drama department though.

3 thoughts on “If Heroes Were Gamers

  1. I would say Sylar is a gamer as well. Hiro is like an RP gamer and tries to stay in the intent of the rules, while Sylar is a PvP or power gamer who tries to manupluate the system to get what he wants from it.

  2. seriously I agree 100%. Any superhero show/movie should have at least 2 hardcore games on the writing staff to at least consult!


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