My Norwescon Schedule

I am a guest at Norwescon this weekend. If you are in the Seattle area, come on down, play some games, and have fun. Here are the panels I’m on. So little has happened recently in the game industry, I don’t know what we’re going to talk about…


I’m not dead yet…..sticking with 3.5
3:00 PM; Evergreen 2

Not thrilled with the new edition? Stop by this panel where prominent gamers and industry professionals share options for sticking with 3.5 via Pathfinder, True20, or other 3.5 variants. Learn how to get involved in organized play events, find other gamers, and keep playing the game.
Wolfgang Baur, Jason Buhlman, Darrin Drader, Chris Pramas, Sean Reynolds

Comparative Study: Orcs
5:00 PM; Cascade 5

They are easily recognizable by their green, grey or brown skin, tusks and fangs…not to mention the fact that they are almost definitely trying to kill you. Orcs have haunted our nightmares (and therefore, our stories) for decades, but what do these creatures have in common with each other? Comparing Tolkein, Salvatore and other literary works with games such as Warhammer and Warcraft, this panel analyzes the origins and history of Fantasy’s favorite barbarian horde.
Dave Butler, Michael Martinez, Chris Pramas, Dylan S.

Writing for the Gaming Industry
8:00 PM; Cascade 8

How do you write for a game? How does it differ than just writing a novel or short story? How does writing for a video game differ from RPGs or board games? What are they looking for? Our panel of Editors, Publishers, and Gaming Authors and Freelancers share what is wanted – nay! What is needed! – from writers in the gaming industry.
Mike Mearls, Erik Mona, Chris Pramas, Teeuwyn Woodruff, Jason Buhlman

The Future of Gaming / Future of Game Design
9:00 PM; Cascade 8

Join our esteemed panel of gaming industry professionals in a discussion of their views on the current status of the industry. How has it changed in the past year or two? Where is it going?
Mike Mearls Gwen Kestrel, Chris Pramas, Teeuwyn Woodruff, Jeremy Holcomb, Darrin Drader


Those Who Forget History – Are Just Plain Doomed…
1:00 PM; Cascade 4

Exploring “Lost-History” themes such as are illustrated in Professor Tolkien’s work as a means to inspire up and coming authors and screenwriters, as well as History and Humanities students of all ages.
Cymbric Early-Smith, Chris Pramas

Game Publishing Goes Digital
3:00 PM; Cascade 7

Pdfs “versus” print. Blogs. Online content. Podcasts. More and more gaming companies are finding a way to move their marketing, and even their products, onto the Internet. What does this mean for the future of the gaming industry? What does it mean for your local gaming store?
Chris Pramas, Donna Prior, Randall N. Bills, Jeff Combos, Erik Mona

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