I have mentioned a few times this year that I’ve been working on a new licensed game. Well, the clock is finally ticking down to when I can talk about, and I mean that literally. We have a countdown clock to the announcement going on I’ve also been sending out some cryptic hints on Twitter (@GreenRoninPub) and Facebook. This has caused some interesting speculation on various forums. Some good guesses but also some that are far from the mark. To whit:

“Green Ronin is going 4e!” After all the long and ridiculous saga of the GSL, do you really think we’d suddenly reverse ourselves?

“Green Ronin is going to do the 4E version of True20.” We don’t even know what that means.

“He said gate. It must be Stargate.” C’mon, I’m not that obvious.

Yes, I know, I’m teasing you, but not for much longer. Only a few days to go.

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