This Is Tyranny?

The health care “debate” has been a sad spectacle. The insurance company executives must be laughing their asses off at the sight of so many people who can’t afford health insurance standing up for the rights of their companies to make staggering profits from human misery while denying sick people coverage. What truly boggles my mind is how universal health care is now being portrayed as tyranny by the right wingers, with the obligatory pictures of Obama as Hitler to punctuate the point.

So this is tyranny, huh? Funny, I don’t recall Hitler’s infamy arising from his desire to give health care to Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals, and communists. Leaving aside the fact that no one is suggesting that the public option be compulsory (that’s why “option” is right there in the phrase), I find it interesting it interesting that all of a sudden the right wingers are afraid of tyranny in America. So let me get this straight, tea baggers:

You didn’t protest when the Bush administration lied us into a war in Iraq with tales of phantom weapons of mass destruction.

You didn’t protest when people rounded up in the wake of 9/11 were imprisoned for years without any charges being filed against them or when Guantanamo Bay was turned into a legal limbo that made a mockery of the idea of American justice.

You didn’t protest when the Bush administration began an illegal program of torture.

You didn’t protest when the CIA began to rendition prisoners to black hole prisons in other countries where they could be tortured even more brutally.

You didn’t protest when the government began an illegal program to wiretap the phones of all Americans and the telecom companies played right along.

You didn’t protest when stop-loss was used to involuntarily extend the service of American soldiers so they could serve additional tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan.

But now, now you get up frothing at town hall meetings and wave your placards. Now you protest and posture that the tree of liberty must be watered with blood. And why? Because somehow making sure that every American can have affordable health care is tyranny. Where were you, tea baggers,when Bush and Cheney were asserting that the executive branch could do anything and because they did it, it could not be illegal? Oh, that’s right, you were out there chanting, “USA! USA!” and telling those of us who did protest that we were commies undermining the president in a time of war.

So don’t talk to me about tyranny. You know nothing about it.

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  1. Health care is a human right. There are things that should not be profit driven, health care and prisons are two of them. The current system leaves 46 million Americans without any health care coverage. Eighteen thousand of those Americans will die this year because of that. I place each and everyone of those deaths at the feet of any politician that opposes a single payer health care system.

  2. I love how people attach the word "right" to things, which really aren't.

    I think what you are really trying to say is that Health Care is a privledge. And it is a privledge because we have built a nation that is able to afford such things, though we seem to disagree how it should be paid for.

    Point is, people get all caught up in saying 'that this should be a right' or 'that should be a right' when really they are priveledges because we fought hard to make them so.

  3. Oh grief. There are many systems that capitalist societies have adopted. Pick one and your poor will be healthier, people won't be in fear of losing their cover and the doctors will still be rich. Roll an American solution and join the modern world. Either that or privatise the Army and the Police and the Law Courts..

  4. It is tranny as the National USA government doesn't have the authority to regulate the health care industry under the USA Constitution. That is seizing power. The programs that they already unconstitutional run in the health care field, Medicare, is going broken and rife with fraud. How soon we forget. These are vote buying programs. Obama indicated in his speaches that there will be rationing to the point of elder will not get care as they get older and effect have death panels. This is a grab on live as your life choices effect your health. Hilter and the NAZI Party wanted complete control. If you opt out of private and public options then they levy a tax on you thus forcing you to choose one or the other most likely the public option as they don't have "massive profit". So this is called an option how? Hilter did give health care as in what pass for health care these day ie. abortion. Surgical abortion procedures were in trial stages and used on Jewish women with no anti-pain or knock out drugs.

  5. -"You didn't protest when the Bush administration lied us into a war in Iraq with tales of phantom weapons of mass destruction."
    Iraq declared that they had weapons of mass distruction at 3x the ammount of what they claimed to have destroyed!!! There was in place plans that went forward to hide WMD as doctors stepped forward from the programs to indicated and hand over biological WMD equipment they where order to hide in their back yard. WMDs were found although it was some what old. It was leaked that possible the Germans and Russians siezed the WMD out of Iraq before the USA attacked. Iraq engaged in a pattern of acts of war against the USA and failing to comply with seize fire terms. Clinton only would act against them when some announcement re: the Monica Luwinski scandal/impeachment broke. You also forget the WMD used on 9/11, jet fuel, is a product of refined oil. Gee, Iraq doesn't have any oil, really?
    -These are enemy combatant as Al Quida and were acting out side of the international legal standard of combatants. The USA would be legally justified in just executing them all as illegal enemy combatants/spies. Instead, the Bush administration took some time to develop the special military tribunals for them. ACLU objected to military tribunals similar to Nurmberg thus the American legal process is what left them in legal limbo dispite the best efforts of the Bush administration.
    The only thing close to toture was water boarding. It only gives you the sensation of drowning not actually drowning which would be torture. Really, assigning women interigators to used their culture to get them to get information that may have prevented another attack is torture? Forcing them to listen to American music torture? Saving American lives isn't important to you? If they are dead what good is any health insurance to them?
    The wiretapping program requires that the other end of the call is out of the country and only then the call is recorded if the computer picks up keywords. No one could listen to all the calls made in the USA.
    Where were all the legal nicities for those killed in the 9/11 attacks or for Mr. Pearl behead by terrorists.
    Soldiers give up certain rights when they sign up. They still have a reserve component to their term of service. So deactiviting from active service to reserve then reactiving them serves what purpose? Would you prefer a draft? Did you volunteer to serve so that the stop-loss did have to happen?
    The way to affordable health is not through the government. Government will run out the private options, run up costs, delay services, control doctors by dictating services. The various packages would not pay for themselves per the CBO.
    How about getting some facts before you shoot your mouth off. Stop drinking the kool-aid. And no I am not a member of the Tea Party nor do I consider protesters of the war commies.
    Just because people don't like the Obama/Democratic proposed health care does not mean they don't want health insurance for all. The various plans will not cover 1% of the uninsured and cost billions of dollars that the goverment will start collect years before the progam even starts.
    Those protesters are told by the speaker of the House that they are "astro-turf" when they are grassroots protesters. Astro-turfing has shown to be a Democratic Party technic.
    So they should exercises their right to free speech only when you say they can? Oh the tyrannic talk of Mr. Chris Pramas.
    No I don't agree with every thing that Bush and Cheney did or asserting. But you are asserting that the National legislative branch can do any thing dispite it is clearly a local activity going to see your doctor but they should ignore the constitution in ramming it through.

  6. "You also forget the WMD used on 9/11, jet fuel, is a product of refined oil. Gee, Iraq doesn't have any oil, really?"

    Wow. Just… wow.

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