This Blog in Temporary Stasis

I’ve been updating this blog via ftp since I started it many years ago. Blogger, however, is disabling that functionality tomorrow. They want users to migrate their sites to blogspot URLs. Since I already pay for this domain name and for hosting, I’m not real keen to do that. At this point I’m not sure what I’m going to do with this site, as I’m not Mr. Technical.

I will continue blogging, however, so until I sort it out you can find me on Livejournal and on Facebook. In the meantime I will try to find out if I can stop using Blogger without losing my entire archive of posts here.

See you on the interweb, netpunks.

5 thoughts on “This Blog in Temporary Stasis

  1. I'm sure there'll be no shortage of folks telling you that you can import all your blogger content into a fresh WordPress blog – either for safe keeping, or to keep on using as-is.

    Worth a thought, anyhow.

  2. Sign up at You can point your domain to their IP and have them host it. The dashboard is very easy to use plus it allows cross posting to Facebook and Twitter. I am very happy with set up.

  3. The frustrating thing about blogspot, is that the Ethiopian gov't censors blogspot urls. (Can't even copy & paste them via MSN.) but for some reason they don't block WP.

    Same with or urls which go through Libya.

    But then again, I'm just one person working overseas 😉

    One of the nice things with WP is when you tie in Windows Live Writer with it. Makes blog updates mondo-easy.

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