Guns Before Butter

I’ve had this inescapable feeling of deja vu over the last two years. Suddenly, it feels like it’s the Reagan era all over again. Now this is probably not that surprising, as many of the members of Bush’s administration were in Reagan’s too and their agendas haven’t changed all that much. Reagan and his cronies made it real easy to raise your fist in protest, and Bush’s administration is the exact same way. Worse, in some ways. Reagan’s trumped up war (Grenada) was small potatoes compared to Iraq.

What I find funny is how many 20 year old punk rock songs have become entirely relevant again. Take, for instance, Paid Vacation by the Circle Jerks.

I hope you’re having fun

where’s your uniform? where’s your gun?

better rub on that suntan lotion

’cause you’ll be fighting in the desert

it’s not..Vietnam

it’s another oil company scam

better salute that flag for Uncle Sam

get your money out, place your bets

it’s Afghanistan!!

fix bayonets, check grenades

got enough bullets

got enough rounds to wipe out this place?

Were the infantry and the cavalry

parachutes fill the sky and bodies burn and people die

Or how about Buy This War by one of my favorite all time band, Articles of Faith?

So you say I got a choice

It looks the same to me

Exchange your culture exchange your tactics

Exchange your weaponry

Exchange your borders for spheres of hatred

And national security

Exchange your life consume this war

Sell it all to me

Stockpiles sit and wait for victims

No advertising cost

Vacations for free in jungle fatigues

Maintain democracy

The newest price is sacrifice

But practice what you preach

The end it looks the same to me

When no one leaves alive

National security is what we need to feel free

Someone’s gonna bleed

Buy this war

Buy my life

Buy this war

Pay to die

Frontman Vic Bondi obviously agrees. He’s just released an EP with two new solo songs, backed up with AOF classics Buy This War and American Dreams. I’m going to have to track that down.

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