Home at Last

Finally returned home from GenCon Southern California today. Although the con itself was modest in size (4400 people or so) compared to the summer cons, I had a busy, busy week in Anaheim, with multiple business meetings and seminars on top of working the booth. We announced the Red Star license on Thursday and that went over really well. I also had a chance to sit down with Christian Gossett, the creator of the comic, and that was very enjoyable. Like me, he’s a gamer with a deep love of history and we had a great time talking about the game book we’re going to do, the future of his comic, the Russian Revolution, WW2 and a host of other things. I feel really good about doing business with Archangel after meeting him and other members of the company. I can’t yet talk about any of the other meetings I’ve had, but damn, 2004 is going to be an eventful year for Green Ronin!

Guessing how much product to bring to cons is always a crapshoot and we ended up with a few boxes left over. We decided that shipping them back to the warehouse would be a waste of money, so we donated everything to Toys for Tots (who were onsite) instead. I bet their sorters are going to be scratching their heads when they run across titles like the Witch’s Handbook and Plot & Poison, but hopefully they’ll find a good home. Maybe we’ll help make some new roleplayers this Xmas. The hobby certainly needs them!

I slept for crap most of the con (hotel beds are just not as good as mine!), and got about 4 hours of rest the last two nights, so I’m pretty burned out. Maybe I’ll post some con stories tomorrow.

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