Two Quick Stories

I’ve got two quick GenCon stories before I leave for Portland, one amusing and one appalling.

Amusing: Shatner was there signing autographs and the line wasn’t that long. My friend Zev, of Z-man Games, decided he had the perfect thing for him to sign. It’s a card from one of Zev’s games (Grave Robbers from Outer Space, IIRC), with the flavor text, “Where’s Bill Shatner when you need him?” Zev walks up to Shatner and hands him the card. Bill looks at it, laughs, and says, “I’ll sign that!”

Appalling: One of the union guys walks up to a cart full of donations for Toys for Tots, reaches in, and grabs a baseball hat that Privateer Press had donated (with their logo on it). A GenCon staffer (who related this story to me) says, “Hey, what are you doing, that stuff is for kids?” The guy replies, “My head is cold.” Then he walks away, hat on his head.

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