Not a Resolution

The past few years Nicole and I have spent New Year’s Eve at shindigs thrown by our good friends Jess and Kathryn. Late in the evening (or early in the morning, depending on how you look at it), Jess always does a round of New Year’s resolutions. One of mine the previous two years has been to eat better, exercise, and lose some weight. Suffice to say that hasn’t exactly worked out, with my “sitting in front of a computer/attending game conventions” lifestyle.

This year Nicole got a headache early in the proceedings, so we actually left the party by 1 am. Thus we missed the resolutions, so I told no lies this time. Ironically, Nik and I had agreed to give the South Beach plan a try and we started that today. Phase 1 is no carbs and no sugar for two weeks. As a guy who likes sugar and cream in his coffee and toast and cheese for breakfast, this is going to be interesting. I also decided to start using the exercise machine again. Figured if I was making the effort to adjust my diet, I might as well try to get back into the workout routine.

So this year no resolutions, but action. We’ll see how strong my will is!

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