Three Unrelated Things

1. When I was at WotC, I picked up this red ball from somewhere, maybe the “free area” where people dumped all kinds of stuff. I used it to reduce strain on my hands. When I left WotC, it went into a box and I didn’t see it again for maybe two years. I had remembered the ball had some kind of logo on it, but what it was never registered. When I broke out the ball again, I picked up on it immediately. My ball says “ENRON” on it. I had to laugh.

2. ChiPs star Erik Estrada is on Fox’s newest ludicrous reality show “the Surreal Life”. He lives in a house with other washed up celebs like Vanilla Ice (last seen getting beaten up by “Willis” in Celebrity Boxing), Tammy Baker, Ron Jeremy, and Traci Bingham. I have not seen the show but according to an article I read an upcoming espisode features a trip to a nude beach for more faux drama. Estrada, apparently, demurred. His comment: “I didn’t want them to see ‘Little Ponch.'” Score one for Estrada.

3. “30 Seconds Over Tokyo” by Pere Ubu is a brilliant song. That is all.

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