I Have Returned

Got back from my business trip late Sunday night and I’ve spent the last two days trying to readjust my schedule, catch up on mounds of e-mail, and solve all the mini-crises that popped up while Iwas away. It’s amazing how much can pile up in only a week.

The trip went well. We’ve got some solid possibilities for the future, which is all for the good. Got to get my head back to the here and now though, as GAMA Trade Show is five weeks away and we’ve got tons to do. For you non-gamers, GTS is the only real trade show of the game industry. It’s our chance to get our wares in front of the best retailers and all the distributors too. As a plus, it has been located in Las Vegas for the past five years or so, and that adds a bit of fun to the trip. Last year Nicole, Hal, and I did a “Green Ronin” dinner at Picasso and it was amongst the three best meals of my life. We must have really talked it up, because already two of our industry friends have contacted us and said, “Let’s go to Picasso!” Twist my arm!

These next few months are going to be nutty. We have a pretty aggressive schedule of products lined up, and I’m just rolling up my sleeves and getting ready to dive into a huge design project. Last year I spent so much time doing development work and running the company that my most significent piece of game design wasn’t even for my own company (it was the V for Victory WW2 RPG I did for Dungeon/Polyhedron). This year is going to be different. I got into this industry to design games and I’ll be damned if I’m going to marginalize myself! Development work is hugely important, but nothing beats some good old fashioned game design.

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