Food Whoring in Vegas

I’m leaving for Vegas in the morning to attend the GAMA Trade Show. You probably won’t see an update out of me until next weekend. We’ll see how much I can blow my diet in five days. I tell you, the problem with Vegas for us is that we already have a bunch of favorite places to eat, but we also like to try new ones. So we’ve had to decide which places to give a miss this year in order to expand our horizons. I think Samba and Red Square are out this year, as much as I enjoy Red Square’s steak tartar. Not sure if our traditional Osseum dinner at Nobu is going to happen either (Nobu having the distinction of serving me the Best Thing I’ve Ever Had in My Mouth; Kobe Beef topped with foie gras if you’re curious). Aqua sounds like a great place to celebrate another successful year for Green Ronin though. I’ll let you know how it stacks up to last year’s stand out meal at Picasso.

You all be good until I get back.

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