I’m Hunting Wabbits

I may be a little light with the updates this week, as I have some heavy duty meetings scheduled daily this week. I’ll be out of the office pretty much all day every day, which means keeping up with e-mail and all that entails in the evening. I should be in bed now, but it took me several hours to catch up after today’s meetings.

One thing I will give Seattle is that it is even possible to have meetings here due to the high concentration of game companies in the area. Most of my business is done via phone and e-mail, with people far away. With WotC and Microsoft both being in Seattle though, there’s a cluster of game companies headquartered here. It has been pretty amusing to watch staff people bop around the city like pin balls too. My friend Rick is a good example. He worked at WotC, then contracted at Wizkids, and is now at Pokemon USA. Another friend left WotC, contracted with GenCon, and is now at Paizo. Another went from WotC to Wizkids to Microsoft. Yet another from WotC to Interactive Imagination to Wizkids. So many ex-WotCites founded d20 companies in the area that when WotC announced the morals clause to the d20 license, a big group of us were able to get together and discuss it.

But I digress. Point is: lots going on, I may be very, very quiet this week. And before anyone asks, no, I can’t tell you what the meetings are about.

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