Conan, What Is Best in Life?

There’s a new Conan comic, penned by Astro City author Kurt Busiek. As a fan of Robert E. Howard, I was curious to check them out. I had liked the issue #0 preview and hoped the series would be good. Yesterday, when I was down at Renton for lunch with the Game Mechanics and some of my former WotC co-workers, I took the opportunity to go the nearby comic store and pick up the first three issues. I read them last night, after Nik went to bed, and I must admit I found them pretty ho hum. The art is nice, so no complaints there, but the stories didn’t do much for me (and one was even based on a Howard short story). I guess with Busiek, I expected that more of Conan’s canny side would come out. These stories were really straight forward, pretty much by the numbers fantasy. I’m not sure this is worth keeping up with. I think I may pick up the current reprints of the old Roy Thomas/Barry Windsor-Smith Conan comics from the 70s instead.

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