Outta Here Like Vladimir

Well, it’s time for big convention #3 this summer. We’re leaving for GenCon in just a few hours. I had too much to get done today, so I’ve been going for a good 14 hours now. Our flight is at 7 am, which means leaving here about 5 am. Wohoo. At least we’re getting in early. Last year we ended up with a redeye that didn’t get us in until Thursday morning around 9 am. In other words, one hour before the show opened. We arrived, dumped our stuff at the hotel, and ran over to the exhibit hall. An hour later I had to dash off to run a Freeport game on maybe three hours sleep. That was frickin’ delightful.

Our plans seem to have all worked out (knock on wood). There should be advanced copies of the Red Star (which is absolutely gorgeous) and Foes of Freedom waiting for us there. That should be a nice double whammy. We should also have some cool fliers for Black Company and Blue Rose and we are announcing a new licensing deal as well. Friday night is the ENnies (these are RPG awards for you non-gamers), which ought to be interesting. In short, lots going on.

Unfortunately, the GAMA bullshit just won’t end. There was new shit-stirring today. I expect there’ll be a lot of politics going on behind the scenes at GenCon. I plan to ignore it as much as possible, having made my feelings vividly clear earlier today on an industry mailing list. I’d rather take care of business at GenCon. That’s what’s important.

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