Two Quests Ended

Ever since moving to Seattle I’ve been looking for a place with really good falafel. It has been tough. Living in NYC for so many years, I became spoiled. I could always go to Mamoun’s at 3 am for a $2 falafel/hummous combo sandwich. That was the shit. Other good falafel places abounded as well. Then I moved here and found…a falafel wasteland. The falafel at the otherwise excellent Cedar’s is OK, but they serve it cold for some reason. No, Cedar’s wasn’t going to cut it. Well, six years later and my quest is at an end. The worst is that it has been under my nose for a couple of years now.

When the downtown bus tunnels close at night, I usually catch the 106 home on 3rd Ave. A sign on the corner points up one block. It says “Best Falafel on Earth.” For the longest time I scoffed. “Bah,” I thought, “just another Seattle tease.” A couple of weeks ago though, Nik and I went to the place. It’s called Zaina’s and…it’s good! The falafel is hot and nicely spiced, the pita is grilled and fresh, and the hot sauce complements the whole thing nicely. Tonight I was downtown running some errands and I stopped in again and it was just as good. Also tried their lamb shawarma and that too was excellent. Bus rides home just got a lot more tasty.

When I got home tonight, I went online to check my e-mail and saw the Red Sox had won the World Series. As a Boston native, I was stunned. I pretty much gave up on them back the 70s. I remember being a kid and watching the Sox play the Yankees. My friend Marc and I would run out to the street and write “Yankees Suck” in the dirt in between innings. Then they broke my Dad’s heart in 1986 and that was that as far as I was concerned. I was amazed when the Sox won four and a row to put the Yankees away. Then four more for the series. I thought about calling my Dad when I heard, but figured my parents would be in bed. They then called me! My Dad had become resigned to never seeing this day, so I’m pleased for him. Professional sports still sucks, but at least it finally managed to make my Dad happy. I’m also relieved the win didn’t give him a third heart attack!

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