Comedy Ensues

In an effort to laugh my way through the tears of four more years of the arrogant Neocon Nightmare, I’ve been turning to comedy this week. Nik and I saw Team American World Police last night and it was funnier than it had a right to be. I woke up this morning humming “America—Fuck Yeah!“, perhaps the most amusing bit in the movie. The Onion, however, is king. I was paging through my copy of Dispatches From the Tenth Circle when I ran across this story.

American People Ruled Unfit to Govern

Washington, D.C.—In a historic decision with major implications for the future of U.S. participatory democracy, the Supreme Court ruled 8-1 Friday that the American people are unfit to govern.

The controversial decision, the first of its kind in the 210-year history of American representative government, was, according to Justice David Souter, “a response to the clear, demonstrable incompetence and indifference of the current U.S. citizenry in matters concerning the operation of this nation’s government.”

A close runner up is a story from the first Onion collection, All Y’All Urged to Go Fuck Yo’ Selves. That certainly sums up my mood Wednesday morning.

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