Rockin’, Australian, and Nearly 30 Years Old

No, I’m not talking about my dream date, but what’s been spinning on my stereo of late. Not sure what possessed me, but I loaded up both discs of Radio Birdman‘s Under the Ashes anthology and both discs of the SaintsWild About You 1976-1978 Complete Studio Recordings anthology. Then I hit shuffle and let 70s Aussie punk rock wash over me as I worked. If you like punk rock and you haven’t heard Radio Birdman or the Saints, I encourage you to check them out. Some really great stuff on both anthologies. The Radio Birdman one has one version of every song they recorded and the Saints one has their first three studio albums and a bunch of singles, B-sides, and so on. The latter includes one of my favorite cover songs of all time, the Saints’ rendition of River Deep, Mountain High. Even when I’m in the midst of writing, when that song comes on I want to jump up and pogo (not generally advisable in my book, game, and miniature stuffed office). Good tunes make me want to go a decent show, but it has been months since I’ve had the chance.

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