I’ve Got the Funk

The first few months of 2005 have been a weird combination of the very high and the very low. I spun into the year having just finished the biggest and most important game design of my career, but there was unfortunately no time for laurel resting. Due to our schedule, I had to jump into the follow-up products immediately and it’s been another several months of go go go as we finished five (soon to be six) support books and accessories. In the midst of that, I had to go on three business trips and deal with some challenging situations in assorted areas of business and personal life. Really, I can’t believe April is nearly upon us. Where the hell has 2005 gone so far?

The good news is that I think I’ve turned a few corners. For one thing, I’m finally settling back into a productive work groove. I’ve been a bit off for the past few weeks, in part due to illness and in part due to traveling. It’s harder to get things done when your routine is disrupted and you’re being pulled in 20 different directions. Since getting back from GTS, I’ve been working on getting a handle on the madness and I think I’m just about there. I can always tell my state of mind by how many unanswered e-mails are sitting in my box. When it gets to be over 60, I know it’s time to knuckle down again. Right now, there are a comfortable 25.

What I could really use is a couple of months of relative calm so I can focus on all the things that need to get done. I don’t have any trips scheduled until the end of June, so maybe fate will play along for once.

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