Where Did My Week Go?

I was doing well with the more frequent updates and then suddenly a whole week went by. How did that happen? Naturally, there’s a work project that’s in crisis mode, because there always has to be one apparently. Nik and I also spent some time trying to get the house better organized. We literally have books in every room of the house. Yes, that does include the kitchen. Nik picked up some new shelves this week and we’ve been trying to find a home for every wayward book, game, and magazine. A historic task I assure you. It seems we are almost there though. If we get one more shelf unit to fit under the bedroom window, I think we can get the last of the books shelved up. That ought to last until convention season. Then we’ll no doubt come home with a pile of new game books. This happens at every con, whether we want them or not.

As per usual I have a lot of shit to get done over the next ten days. I do need to make with the efficiency though, because next weekend I have two friends coming to town at the same time from opposite sides of the country and I’d like to get a chance to see them both. And those friends who have not yet come to visit Emerald City, what’s your excuse? Seattle is both a nice place to visit and a pleasant place to live. Visit once and you may find yourself living here within a couple of years. That happened not only to me, but also to an increasingly ridiculous number of friends.

This weekend I think we’re schedule to have dim sum with yet a different visitor. Our favored joint is Sun Ya in the International District. They do the traditional carts, serving up some tasty food for a very reasonable price. My only complaint is that they don’t serve the sweet egg yolk buns that some of our favorite Vancouver places make. Those things are delicious and even Kate (who eats little and likes less) enjoys them.

Enough rambling. It being 3 am and all, I guess I should head to bed.

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