Good News, Bad News

Good News: I got hang out with my friend Pat again on Saturday night. John Doe from X showed up at the party suite and I was suitably goobed.

Bad News: I didn’t make it across the crowded room to meet John Doe before he left.

Good News: The current crisis project is now under control.

Bad News: A new project has gone condition red.

Good News: I’m having a productive week.

Bad News: I’ve also been sick since Saturday, and Nik has come down with something as well.

Good News: Nicole and I finished watching Season Two of the Wire and it kicked all kinds of ass. This is a seriously good show, right up there with Deadwood and the Sopranos.

Bad News: Season Three of the Wire is not on DVD yet and is not currently being rerun on HBO. Curse you, fate!

Good News: I was able to get a ticket to see Gang of Four for this Friday.

Bad News: Unless they end up sucking, there’s nothing bad about seeing Gang of Four!

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