Weird Ass Dream

I had a weird ass dream last night. For some reason, I was with a group of people near a volcano that was erupting. We thought we were far enough away to escape harm but then we spotted a rush of fast moving lava heading our way. I got behind a car, trying to use it for cover, but the lava flow overcame us and I thought it was the end. Somehow, I survived this encounter, though it was quite painful. An indeterminate amount of time later, I and other survivors were slogging our way through the mud, as rain brought the ash down to the earth. Then we saw these monstrous creatures that were sort of like orcs but they were made of animated volcanic ash. A whole horde of these things was coming towards us, so I suggested we get out of sight. I went to look for a hiding place while my companions milled around confused. I had just found a good spot when I heard more of the creaturs approaching from a different direction. I got behind a rock and let them pass me by. This was a small patrol of three and I couldn’t let them come up behind my companions. I pulled out the only weapon at my disposal: a spoon. Yep, a spoon. Then I jumped out and used the spoon to gauge out the throat of the nearest ash creature. Then I grabbed up his big honkin’ mace…and promptly woke up.

Fifty more dreams like that and I’ll have a new monster book. Or perhaps it’s time for a vacation.

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