Durham, Here I Come

It seems like I just got back from Origins and tonight Nik and I are leaving again. This time, Trinoc*Con in North Carolina (http://www.trinoc-con.org/), where I am the Gaming Guest of Honor. This is a “speculative fiction” convention, so it’s not just gaming, but also scifi, comics, etc. I’ve never been to it before so I have no idea what to expect. Hopefully, it’ll be fun. If you are in the Durham area, do come see us. I may even have a preview copy of the Thieves’ World Player’s Manual with me (cue cursing from Australia…).

Naturally enough, things have been crazy all day leading up to our departure tonight (for yet another redeye; wohoo). Nik and I are trying to finish up dozens of niggling tasks, so no one starts freaking out while we are out of the office. So instead of doing the writing I desperately needed to do today I was emptying my e-mail inbox, filling out forms, writing checks, packing up samples, and just generally battening down the hatches. I left my laptop here on the Origins trip, but I’m taking it this time. I’m hoping for a least a couple of hours a day where I can take advantage of the quiet of my hotel room to get some writing done.

When I get back, I may finally write up the analogy I’ve been using lately to describe the current state of the D&D; rules and how that led me to design WFRP the way I did. Since the analogy is a bit rude though, maybe not…

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