Too Many Stories

Far too much happened at GenCon for me to write up in a coherent fashion and every time I try I end up going off on a wild tangent. So maybe over the next few days I’ll just tell some random stories. Here’s one of my favorites.

Friday night after the ENnie Awards, the Green Ronin crew and special guest Lynn Abbey went out to celebrate. It took us half an hour to find a bar open after midnight, which was pretty ridiculous, but we finally stumbled across a Rock Bottom Brewery and hoisted a few there. The Fiery Dragon guys, who had won several Silver ENnies that night, showed up a little later. When the rest of GR split, I stayed behind to hang out with James, Todd, Jason, and Scott. We ended up closing the place down, but they had befriended a waitress who told us about another bar that stayed open until 3 am. Apparently, this is where bar and restaurant folk go after hours.

As the Rock Bottom was closing up, James and I waited for the rest of the guys to use the can. We were standing there talking and something thumped into my leg. I looked down to see a blond girl so drunk that balancing on her heels had proved too difficult. James cracked, “Man, you Gold ENnie winners get everything.”

“Yeah,” I responded, “when you win the Gold drunk women fall at your feet!”

I helped the young lady up and she staggered outside. We then went to the other bar and said hello to my old friend Mr. Tequila. I rarely get to hang out the Fiery Dragon guys so I’m glad I ran into them. It was a nice end to a great evening, though the four hours of sleep I got meant no late night hijinx on Saturday.

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