Poison Ivy

I just watched the new episode of the Batman animated show, the first of a two parter on the origins of Batgirl and Poison Ivy. I haven’t seen this new Batman show at all, but I had to tune in to this episode because an old and dear friend of mine is the voice for Poison Ivy. Piera moved to LA a little before I moved to Seattle to pursue an acting career. She’s had some success over the past couple of years doing voice acting (she was the Night Elf in Warcraft III and is she is “the Darkest Faerie” in Neopets: the Darkest Faerie). It doesn’t get much cooler than getting to portray a classic villain of the Batman though. And she does a great job too, though it is odd to hear my friend’s voice coming out of the TV. So congrats to Piera, long may Poison Ivy reign.

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