Seen and Heard on a Thursday Night

I went up to Capitol Hill last night to see the Epoxies, a tremendously fun band from Portland that Nik and I caught last year. I didn’t buy tickets in advance, figuring a Thursday night show with the likes of the Epoxies wouldn’t sell out. Turns out I was totally wrong. They were playing with Against Me, who have gotten a lot more popular than I knew. When I arrived at Neumo’s, I got in a huge line, only to find out this was the Will Call line and the show had already sold out. Doh! So as to not have a completely wasted trip, I walked up Broadway and had dinner a Greek place I hadn’t been to in something like 5 years. It was OK. Over the course of my Capitol Hill wanderings and the 4 busses I rode, I did see and hear some amusing things though. Here’s a sample:

  • “If he gets his book published, I’m going to tattoo Fuck Me on my ass.” Overheard on the 106 bus.
  • “See scenes from the first week of production on CTHULHU starring Tori Spelling at then call 206.324.6400. WE WANT LOCAL INVESTORS.” Seen in the Stranger, one of Seattle’s free newpapers. I can think of nothing more sanity blasting than Tori Spelling in a Cthulhu movie.
  • “Bitch, let me show how we do things on the other side of town.” Overheard while walking on Broadway.
  • “Horses have big cocks. It’s true.” Overheard on the 106 bus.
  • “Wouldn’t you just LOVE IT if a beautiful girl in a freaky cleavage-poppin’ Oktoberfest outfit handed you nice icy cold beer RIGHT NOW? Mmm, beer! Would you still drink it if I told you that she made that beer with yeast from her own vagina? That she made a keg homebrew, called “Toi Sennhauser’s OPB—Original Pussy Beer”” Hmm, would you drink it then?” From an article about performance artist Toi’s latest event last weekend in the Stranger.
  • “They’re just a band. You can see them next year when they come back.” Overheard on Pike St on the way to Neumo’s. This was my first indication that the show might have sold out.
  • “Would Citizen Kane have been any better if you could have walked around Kane’s mansion poking through his cabinets?” From a review of the computer game Indigo Prophecy by former Cthulhu disciple John Tynes.

So, it turns out I should have stayed home and written about WFRP rats. Ah well. Next week the Dropkick Murphys are playing and that I do have tickets for. My rocking out is thus only slightly delayed.

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