3 + D1 Random Bits

Just a few random bits before I head off on another trip in the morning. I likely won’t be updating until next weekend.

· I was browsing at Easy St. Records last night and saw this newish Gang of Four CD. It had the most hilarious marketing copy stickered onto it. Dig this sales technique: “The triumphant return of the band that invented originality!” I mean, come on, how can you argue with the very inventors of originality?
· Juan Cole, the guy who does the aptly named blog Informed Content, has a really interesting article on Salon.com today. It’s called “All the Vice President’s Men” and it’s about the cabal of neocons Cheney surrounded himself with and the effect they’ve had on, well, everything for the past five years. Worth checking out: http://www.salon.com/news/feature/2005/10/28/vice_president/index_np.html
· I’ve been really digging on Tiger Army lately. I saw them live last year they put on a great show. I’m investigating other psychobilly bands because the combo of rockabilly and punk rock really works for me. I hope this isn’t a sign of old age.
· In between dinner and the Atomic Bombshells burlesque show last night, the gang stopped into a club called Chopstix for a while. The place has two dueling pianists who take requests from the crowd and play at ludicrous decibels. It is a favorite spot for drunken bachelorette parties as I understand it and last night just about the entire female audience was made up of skinny white girls in their early 20s. So the pianists lay off the keys to sing hometown hero Sir Mix-A-Lot’s epic “Baby Got Back.” The guys recruit three girls to get up on stage and dance while they rap and the irony was overwhelming. This is a song that starts off “I like big butts” and here we had three super skinny girls shaking their bone racks. They get an A for effort, but really girls, that song is not about you. I tried to change the mood of the room with a request for “Six Pack” by Black Flag but this only befuddled the pianists.

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