Things That Make You Go D’oh!

I guess this means January is list month on my blog. Here are some things have made me say “D’oh” recently.

  • Deciding over the holidays that I really need to lose some weight and then coming home to find one of our vendors has sent a 5-lb. tin of butter cookies to us as a Xmas gift.
  • Sending a fellow publisher an e-mail about a typo on the sales page of their new PDF product and scant days later getting a new book of ours back from the printer and finding the exact same typo.
  • Having so many miniatures that I’ve managed to lose an entire army in the depths of my collection. I know it’s here somewhere…
  • Finally cleaning up the living room after the holidays only to have (at a conservative estimate) 15 boxes of books show up over the course of a single week and get dumped there “temporarily”.
  • Going to the post office to get some of the new stamps without realizing it’s the very first day they are on sale. Not only is there a line out the door, but there’s also been a run on the stamp machines and they are empty.
  • Getting knocked off my usual sleep schedule and deciding that 1 am is a good time to do things like clean and post stupid lists to my LJ.

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