Burninating the Galaxy

Nearly 10 years ago now, I wrote two sci-fi short stories for Inferno. This magazome was Games Workshop first publication through the Black Library, a then-new section of the company set up to publish fiction in the various Warhammer settings. I did two stories set in their Warhammer 40K universe and one in their Warhammer fantasy world. Soon after I was hired at WotC, so I stopped writing for Inferno and haven’t done much fiction since (concentrating instead on game design). In 1999 both of these stories were reprinted in an anthology titled after one of my stories (Into the Maelstrom), which was quite cool. I figured that was the end of my stories until I got this package two days ago.

Since Green Ronin works with GW designing RPGs for their Black Industries imprint, I periodically get packages with the latest novels and background books. As I opened up the most recent package, I noticed a big (700+ pages) trade paperback entitled “Let the Galaxy Burn”. This, it turns out, was a big omnibus collecting “the best SF short stories ever written for Black Library.” I was quite pleased to see that both my stories (The Black Pearl and Into the Maelstrom) are in the collection and the latter is the closing story of the book. I guess this explains why they asked me for new bio a few months ago!

If you are hankering for hot 40K action, “Let the Galaxy Burn” ought to be arriving in bookstores soon.

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