For Those About to Level Up…We Salute You!

Oddly enough, I found myself back at the Sci-Fi Museum tonight. Twice in one week; wacky. This evening there was a PR event for the Guild Wars MMO. I know several folks who work for ArenaNet, so I got an invite. It was in the same room as the Battlestar Galactica TCG event this past Saturday. This time the giant video screen was showing people play the game, which is pretty much what you’d expect at such a thing. What you wouldn’t expect was the all girl AC/DC tribute band rocking out on the stage underneath the screen. Yes, the incomparable Hell’s Belles were the entertainment for the evening and there was a hilarious incongruity between gamer nerds and rocker girls. It was hard not to laugh.

Hell’s Belles may be a novelty band but make no mistake, they can play. The dreadlocked girl “Angus” was in a schoolgirl uniform and she did all his moves: the headbanging, spinning on the ground, running through the crowd while playing, etc. It was a riot. The singer, while clearly having little idea what this event was even for, was also spot on. I was never a fan of AC/DC, but watching Hell’s Belles turn cock rock on its head was a damn good time. And hey, the booze was free too.

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