An ALA Day

We’re in the midst of the American Library Association show this weekend. Nik and I left the house before 8 am this morning and got home some 15 hours later. I am beat and need to fall unconscious soon because I’ll be do doing it again tomorrow. This is the first time we’ve done an ALA show and it’s interesting. Many of the folks have no idea what to make of us, but it turns out that many librarians are gamers. Even if their institutions aren’t doing anything with games, they were excited to see us and hear about our upcoming books. We have also met a lot of youth and teen librarians who are doing things with games and those are the people we wanted to reach. We’ve been promoting an upcoming book that I’ll talk about soon, which is different than other stuff we’ve done and very cool indeed.

I only had a little time to look around the show floor. There are a lot of companies in attendance, from the biggest publishers to the smallest presses. I did make it by the DC booth and got an advanced reader copy of my friend Cecil’s graphic novel The Plain Janes. It’s the first of DC’s new Minx line for teenage girls. The woman at the DC booth started pitching me on it and Minx and I said, “I came by looking for this actually; Cecil is a friend of mine from college.” She said, “Really, this is Cecil’s agent,” and introduced to the guy she had been talking to. Funny. I read the first half The Plain Janes on the bus home and it is tre cool. Seems like the perfect title to kick off the Minx line, so go Cecil.

After a full day on the floor, Nik and I wanted to relax. We finally caught the Borat movie, which was painful to watch in places but funny. Then we tried a new restaurant called Qube. The service wasn’t great but the food was. Nicole will be posting pictures on her blog for those into food porn. After that we tried to go to the Can Can for a show and failed. Then we went to Cap Hill for a punk show and failed at that too. Probably for the best I suppose. Now I must sleep.

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