Runnin’ on Go!

Hard to believe it’s Monday already. The weekend flew by, though I did get some fun in. Friday night Nik and I saw Children of Men, which was a really good film in the tradition of the best science fiction. You know, the kind that is about something more than shiny spaceships and special effects. Saturday night we met up with Erik and Danica for dinner at the Ipanema Grill, a Brazilian rodizzio near Pike’s Place Market. If you think an endless line of guys carving off meat onto your plate until you cry uncle sounds like heaven, rodizzio dining is for you.

The rest of the weekend I spent working on GR stuff. It was time to catch up on e-mails, sort out contracts, make a few offers, write text for a catalog, plan out a Freeport adventure, and work with a cartographer on a map. The latter is for the Pirate’s Guide to Freeport and it’s a map of the Continent, revealed and detailed for the first time. I had sketched up the basics, scanned my rough, and sent it to Andy Law, who’s doing the cartography. He shot back a first draft of what is shaping up to be a truly awesome map. He numbered areas he felt could do with names and I spent Sunday morning naming rivers, bays, seas, oceans, hills, forests, straights, mountains, and so on. It was a lot more detail than I had planned to provide, but I think it’s really going to take the map over the top. In fact, the Pirate’s Guide to Freeport is shaping up to be a really deluxe book in all respects. This makes me happy.

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