There Goes the Weekend

I had planned to go to the Emerald City Comic Con this weekend, but I had too much work to do. I probably didn’t miss much, since I was at NY Comic Con less than two months ago. Probably better for my wallet in the end and I did manage to catch up on a lot of stuff yesterday. Today I have to write. Well, after I am shanghaied into making breakfast anyway. Before Kate went to bed, she said, “You know, there’s bacon in the fridge. . .” She cracks me up.

Last night I came upstairs to find Kate watching House, which she loves. At one point House says to a patient, “Did you ever star in any pornos?”

Kate says, “What’s that supposed to mean?” Then she turns to me and asks, “What’s a porno?”

I tell her, “It’s something 11-year old girls don’t need to know about.” Though this answer would not satisfy many kids, Kate accepts it. Since she’s spent so much of her life around adults, she understands that there are adult things and kid things and that she’s not old enough for everything yet. She is really mature for her age though, so I suspect this acceptance isn’t going to last beyond age 12 or 13.

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